Walking Your Dog at night in Hawaii.

Walking Your Dog at Night

Posted Nov 22, 2017 in Dog Tips

With the season changing, the sun is going down earlier and earlier. This also means that your nighttime walks with your dog (or even your afternoon walks), will also be getting darker. Whether you live in town or on the quiet country roads, you still need to be mindful about safety for your dog when walking at dusk and in the dark. There are a few precautions every dog walker should take before they head out for their evening walk. Here are few tips to keep you and your pup safe!


Wherever you live, at dusk and at night you should have your dog on a leash. While we heralded for Off Leash Obedience, even if you have the best trained dog and live on quiet streets, you don’t want to take any risks especially at night. You don’t want your dog to get spooked by a car or scooter and bolt in fear, especially in the dark. If you want to have some off leash time, choose wisely and safely at the park or beach. If you want to be especially careful, invest in a reflective or LED leash that will glow when you walk. Then you can guarantee you and your dog will be seen by any drivers around.

Dress Right

When it gets dark, opt for colorful and reflective items that will make you and your dog easy to spot.

Headlamp or Other Lights

Beyond just wearing reflective clothes or having a reflective leash, you can make yourself even more visible! If you are really wanting to be sure you are lit up, get a headlamp so you can still hold your dog’s leash and see everything in front of you. This is a good option for the country roads. You can also get a clip-on collar light for your dog. Then all others around you will be able to see your dog approaching.

Take Your Phone

Your phone has many features that can help you on a nighttime walk. You can use your phone to call 911 or someone in an emergency situation. You can also have numbers in your phone if you need to call your vet for any reason. Lastly, you can also use the flashlight on your phone if you need some more light along your walk.

Walking your dog at night can and is safe when you are prepared. Follow these simple tips and you should have a safe and fun walk!

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