Importance of walking your dog.

Why Walking Your Dog is Important

Posted Jan 23, 2018 in Dog Tips

There are many reasons why it is important to take your dog on their daily walks. It keeps them fit, induces relaxation, and most important keep them behaviorally in check. But did you know how much it helps you as well? Walking your dog not only has dozens of benefits for your dog, but it also can benefit your own life greatly, including your health and happiness! So next time you’re feeling too tired to take your dog around the block, remember some of these facts about the time spent walking with your dog.

Bond With Your Dog

If you work full time or are out of the home during the day, your dog misses your interaction with them dearly and wants to spend time with you. Having scheduled walks in the morning and evening allows you to have blocked off time that’s just between you and your dogs. They also thrive with these routines. It allows for quality time that strengthens your bond. The bond you have is about more than just how much you love them- it also adds to their behavioral confidence and stability. If your bond is strong, your dog will have more trust and be more attentive and obedient to you.


As all dog owners know, having a dog in public brings both of you attention. Taking your dog on walks allows your dog to not only be exposed to new dogs and people, but it also allows you to work on reenforcing healthy boundaries and manners.

Your dog depends on your calm demeanor and direction to gain and maintain their confidence. Holding your dog accountable for their attention while they approach and are around distractions, is just one way to enhance their impulse control. Going to new places regularly strengthens the chances for learning.

Physical Health

Walking your dog is also great for improving your own physical health. When you’re walking your dog, you might not think about it, but you’re exercising! Walking 20-40 minutes one to two times a day keeps you fit and in shape, and the same goes for your dog. It is a common belief that having a dog is proven to help us live longer. In a study on adults over 60, those who have a pup and walk them are shown to live longer. Dog owners and walkers have a lower body mass index, better overall health, and less visits to the doctor.

Mental Health

Lastly and most importantly, walking your dog betters you and your dog’s mental health. The fact is movement dilutes and defuse stress for both us and our dogs. The dog walk ritual betters your mood and their’s as well.

Remember to be respectful by using a leash and picking up your dog’s poop. Bring a water bottle and a treat while on your walks. While this is not necessary, is an added bonus for those behavioral rewards.

Dogs have so much power to give us better lives! So they deserve to get as much as we can give. Be sure you’re giving your dog your best and taking them on walks daily to help them live their live to the fullest!

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