Tips to Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Tips to Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Posted Jul 31, 2019 in Health & Safety

Summer days in Hawaii can get hot, and that means your dog may become dehydrated much quicker than usual. Drinking water is the best way to combat dehydration. However, we can’t force our dogs to drink more, especially if they don’t feel physically thirsty. By following these tips, you can sneak more water into your dog’s diet even if they don’t want to drink more! 

Add Water to Their Food

This old trick works like a charm for dogs who refuse to turn to their water bowls more than usual. Simply soak your dog’s food in water and keep it in your fridge for up to three days. You can add water to kibble, canned, homemade, or raw food – no matter the type, you can turn mealtime into drinking time as well. If you’re worried about softening up your dog’s food, remember that a proper teeth brushing routine, appropriate sized raw bones and or antlers are better for your dog’s dental health, anyways. 

Make Dog-Friendly Ice Pops

If your dog isn’t showing interest in slurping from their water bowl, try giving them ice cubes as a cool, crunchy alternative to liquid water. Some dogs thoroughly enjoy licking ice cubes, and yours could be one of them! You can also get creative and whip up some flavorful doggy ice pops that your dog will drool over. Pup-sicles are quick and easy to make, and there are plenty of dog-friendly recipes for flavors like almond butter, banana, and more. Get creative with your dog’s hydration and try ice pops!

The More Water Bowls, the Better

Keeping your dog hydrated has a lot to do with the accessibility of water. If your dog is outside playing and they don’t have access to a water bowl, they won’t be as motivated to drink. Keeping a bowl outside is essential in the summer heat. That way, your dog can stay hydrated even while playing in the sunshine. If you’re out exploring one of Maui and Oahu’s many dog-friendly hiking trails, beaches, or parks all day, we recommend bringing a portable water dish and a water bottle while you’re away from home. Adding a water bowl near your pup’s favorite hangout in the house isn’t a bad idea, either.

Make Sure Water and Bowls are Clean

Some dogs are perfectly fine taking a slurp from mud puddles, but others are much more sensitive to water quality. For picky dogs and indifferent dogs alike, it’s important that drinking water is clean. That doesn’t mean your dog can only drink expensive bottled water, but it does mean that you should be mindful of the bacteria that many outdoor water sources contain. You should also make a habit of cleaning your pup’s water bowl daily. They won’t get sick as easily and will be much more likely to drink enough water.

How to Check if your Dog is Dehydrated

With all of this talk about keeping your dog hydrated, you might be wondering how you’d even be able to tell that your dog is dehydrated. If you notice any vomiting, diarrhea, or unwillingness to drink water, that could be a good sign that your dog is dehydrated. Another useful test is to grab the scruff of your dog’s neck and gently stretch it out. When you let go, the skin should snap right back into place. If it doesn’t, your dog is probably dehydrated. You can also feel your dog’s gums. If they’re dry or sticky, your dog needs some more water.

Doggy dehydration is no joke, and it’s important to take some preventative steps to avoid it. The dog days aren’t over yet, so use these tips to keep your dog hydrated!

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