Communicating with your dog.

The Ways Your Dog Tries to Communicate with You

Posted Oct 5, 2018 in Fun Dog Stuff

We’d like to think we can understand our dogs. But sometimes it can be hard to actually grasp our dog’s body language. While we obviously wish we could get our dogs to talk to us and tell us what they want, we can actually learn more through their body language. Our dog tries to communicate with us through many different ways to tell us when they are hungry, stressed, sad, or something else. It is on us as dog parents to learn what the common things they do mean so we can try our best to understand. You can also teach other members of your family, such as children, common body language tips and when to leave your dog alone. Having everyone in the home understand these things will make your home safer.

If They Bring Something to You

When your dog brings you something like a toy or a stick, it is pretty clear it means they want to play with you. Even if they bring something like a sock, they’re generally just trying to get you to pay attention to them and spend some quality time with you.

When They Cower

When your dog cowers, it means they are afraid of something. Their body will be crouched low, their tail will be tucked and their head will be down, averting eye contact or avoiding looking at something else. They are clearly nervous and afraid, whether that be of another dog, a situation, the weather, etc. You should try to either get your dog out of this situation or remove something causing the fear so they do not react in a negative way.

If They Pant

Panting is pretty normal in dogs when it is hot out and they’re exercising. However, it is not normal for your dog to panting when they are just inside and aren’t working out. When this happens, it means your dog is stressed. Again, this may be from a situation or a person, but it is best to get your dog out of the stressful situation.

When They’re Whining

Whining can mean different things, so it is harder to read than others. Dogs will often whine when they need something, such as going to the bathroom, going outside, or getting more water. Your dog could also be whining when they’re stressed or excited. Check your dog’s surroundings to see what could be causing the whines. If your dog is in the car and doesn’t like it, they’re probably whining about that. When they’re whining near the door, they probably need to go outside.

If They Snap Their Head Fast

This is a move that you may not recognize as easily as others. When people (specifically kids) are touching your dog and they whip their head around quickly to look at the spot that is being touched, this means they’re uncomfortable. It may actually hurt them or they just don’t like being touched there. It is key to see this and read it as a warning. If you or a kid continues to touch them, they may react poorly or bite. So it is key to remove your dog or explain to the person who is touching that they may not like this.

These may be some of the more common things your dog does. But there is so much you can learn about your dog’s body language. Keep learning more so that you can be the best owner you can be.

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