Paw Care

Posted Jul 21, 2017 in Health & Safety

Taking care of our dogs is extremely important and something we all take time to do. But one thing we may forget about when we’re grooming and doing our routine with our dogs is their paws! Just like our feet need caring, dogs and their paws need to be pampered and attended to. It is easy to let our pup’s little paws slip our minds when we have so many other items to attend to. But it is extremely important to their health and happiness. Here are some tips on how to take care of your four legged friend’s four paws!


The biggest sign a dog’s nails need to be trimmed is that they are making a sound on your wood floors or tile. If your dog’s nails are getting caught or snagged on carpet, it is a big sign that its time to trim. Your dog’s nails should barely skim the ground. If you don’t feel comfortable clipping their nails or your dog is extremely uncooperative with the process, vets and groomers offer these services. You should also trim any hair that is between the pads, since this can be very painful for them if left untrimmed. Check for any debris while you trim.

Dry/Cracked Pads

One major issue that can occur to our dog’s paws is getting dry. When this happens, they can crack and bleed, which is obviously painful to our dogs. If you notice this happening to your dog, invest in a moisturizer specifically for your dog. Human lotion can actually lead to more problems, so stick to ones made just for pups. Give a little massage when applying this, getting between the pads and each toe.

Injury on the Paws

Every now and then, your pup will step on something sharp or exposed and get an injury. First, clean the cut or scrape with an antibacterial wash then apply antibacterial cream. After this, bandage up the cut to avoid any further injury. It can be challenging to get your dog to sit still for this. If you can’t seem to do this first aid yourself, get to your vet for help.

In the Summer

Think about how hot it is to walk on the hot pavement with your bare feet. Pretty hot! Your dog feels the same way! Remember this when you are going on walks in the summertime. If you can’t handle the heat on your hands or feet, your dog probably can’t either. You can do the “10 seconds of holding your hand on the pavement” test to see if it is safe. To avoid this, try taking your walks at night or in the early morning when the ground is less hot. When you have to walk in the heat, avoid black pavement, parking lots, and sand. If your dog does get a burn or blister, be sure to treat it with antibacterial soap and wrap with gauze.

If You Live on the Mainland, Consider These Points for the Wintertime

Your dog can also face paw problems in the winter. The cold weather can dry out their pads, which leads to chapped and cracked pads. In the winter, salt and other de-icing items can be toxic to dogs. To avoid this getting into your house or your dog ingesting it, always rise or wipe down your dogs paws after they come inside. This will get rid of any chemicals that could be on their paws. You can also put Vaseline on the bottom of the paws or get some dog booties on their feet to keep salt and other debris from getting on their paws.

It is very important to keep your dog’s paws clean and protected. Your dog will be happier and healthier if you take the time to care for this small aspect of their health! Good luck!

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