Making your dog walk fun!

Making Your Dog Walk Fun

Posted Nov 5, 2018 in Dog Tips

Getting your dog’s daily exercise in can get repetitive and even boring, for not only you but also Pono. Changing up your usual routine and trying out some new fun ideas could be just what you and your pup need to make your walks better for both of you!

Let Lani Pick the Initial Direction

Switch up your regular route and let your pup pick the direction to go today. Instead of taking your standard course, let your furry friend decide which way to start. You may end up making sporadic twists and turns, but you’ll get a chance to observe what your dog finds most interesting. Between minting their attention, break things up by taking some sniff breaks – it’s one way to get them mentally intrigued.

Explore Local Parks

If your same old neighborhood scenery is becoming too dull, try jumping in the car and starting your walk from another area in the neighborhood. You can also consider some local parks and trails. Most parks have multiple paths to explore, as well as open space for roaming. All the new sights and smells will also be fascinating for your four-legged friend. Exploring this new environment will surely get your pups regular workout in, and then some.

Bring Treats & Play a Game

Letting your dog sniff out their edible reward can be a fun game for both of you. You can toss them in the grass and encourage your pooch to discover them. These type of nose work games are great for increasing your dog’s natural sniffing abilities, and once again, gives them an extra boost of mental stimulation.

Support Animal Rescue Through Every Walk

For those that like like to pay it forward, you can support Animal Rescue Through Every Walk. Increase your motivation to complete your dog’s daily walks by raising money for your favorite animal charity every time you do. There are several apps such as ResQwalk & WoofTrax that allow you to build funds for organizations that promote the well-being and safety of animals in a variety of ways. All you have to do is allow them to track the progress you make on your dog walk, and from there you get to choose which rescues to support.

Walking your dog is crucial to your dog’s physical and mental health. Mixing up your usual routines can help increase the enjoyment of each walk for both you and your best pal.

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