Is Fish Good Food for Dogs?

Is Fish Good for Dogs?

Posted Oct 7, 2019 in Health & Safety

Many dog owners swear by feeding their dogs fish, but should you? Here in Oahu and Maui, we definitely don’t have a shortage of fish, but is it worth adding fish to your dog’s diet? We have some answers to your questions below:

History of Dog Food

While dogs today mainly stick to kibble, before they were domesticated, they ate everything from wild animals to plants and everything in between. Their diets weren’t limited – they ate purely for survival. While our dogs as we know them today are very different from their ancestors, they still need a diverse diet of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, and adding fish to your dog’s diet can help them satisfy these nutritional necessities.

Benefits of Fish for Dogs

Fish is very easily digestible and a strong protein source for dogs. If your dog has struggled with digestive upsets or liver/kidney disease, you’ll find that fish is an easy food to reintroduce to their diets. Fish also serves as an anti-inflammatory, so its Omega-3 fatty acids are great for dogs with allergies or intolerances to other non-fish proteins.

Should I Mix Fish with Other Forms of Protein?

When it comes to your dog’s protein intake, too much is never a good thing. However, it’s a great substitute for other forms of protein that are more difficult to digest. Avoid serving your furry friend too many calories or fats, and they’ll be fine adding fish as a supplement to other forms of proteins.

Types of Fish to Avoid

Fish with high mercury levels like ahi or swordfish can be dangerous for your dog, so avoid these fish if possible. You should also avoid feeding your pooch shellfish or crustaceans because they can contain lots of bacteria that can upset your dog’s stomach. Additionally, check the sourcing of your dog’s fish before feeding it to them. Poor quality fish can upset their stomachs and lead to more digestive problems. Only serve your dog the best!

Adding fish to your dog’s diet could be extremely beneficial for their health and wellbeing. Talk to your vet about adding fish to your dog’s diet and try out a bag of fish dog food!

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