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Is My Family Ready for Another Dog?

Posted Jun 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

What is better than one amazing and loving dog? Two dogs of course! Well… sometimes. It can be really easy to let your emotions take over when deciding if you want to add another dog to your home. Whether you fall in love with a pup at a shelter or just want more furry friends in your life, there are many reasons why you may want another dog. However, it is important to think long and hard before you take the plunge and bring a new pup home. Here are some questions to ask yourself to figure out if your family is ready for another four legged friend!

Are You Enjoying Life With Your Dog?

The first step is to make sure your dog is happy and that you are giving 100% to taking care of your first dog. Do you make sure to take regular walks and have a structured lifestyle at home? Are you consistent with their health checks and welfare with your vet along with tick flea and heart worm preventatives? Your current dog needs to be happy and content in order to have a successful transition with a new dog. You also need to be content in your current situation. If your dog has behavioral issues or you are having another problem that you are trying to solve with a new puppy, this could lead to other problems. Think hard about why you want this dog and make sure you’re not doing it to fulfill a deeper need or issue.

Do You Have the Time and Resources for an Additional Family Member?

Every dog is an emotional and financial commitment that owners must take full responsibility for on a daily basis. Consider the time that will be required to care for two pets. You need to consider how much time it will take to train a new dog, especially if you’re planning to get a puppy. You will need to make time to train, housebreak, and adjust your new dog to your home. Review your budget to properly care for a second dog.

Is Your Family Ready/Prepared?

It is important that everyone in your family is on board for this choice. If your spouse, children, or other housemates don’t seem as excited as you, it just won’t work. You need everyone involved for the transition of a new dog to be successful, especially when it comes to training/feeding/walks. You also need to make sure your home and life is ready for a dog. Do you plan on having any children soon? If so, it is probably not a great idea to have a puppy in the home that you also have to be giving lots of attention to.

A more technical thing to ask yourself is if you have the space and necessities for having two dogs. This includes the size of your home and the ability to transport multiple dogs. Your car needs to be able to hold two dogs, which may be a challenging if you have a small car and children.

Is Your First Dog Ready?

You can’t forget about the feelings of your current pup! They need to also want this dog in the family. If your dog loves to play with other dogs or you have to leave your dog at home alone often, it might be nice for them to have another friend. Your dog also needs to be well trained and respond to your commands quickly and easily. Since you’ll be worrying about training and watching your new dog, you need to be able to count on your current pup to be well behaved and responsive to commands.

In general, you know your dog and your family better than anyone else. Analyze your current situation and think about what choice is best for you and your dog. If you decide to get another dog we encourage you to fully commit to enjoy the full harvest of having a two dog family! If not, there’s bound to be a better time in the future for a new addition.

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