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The Signs of Animal Cruelty and How to Report It

The Signs of Animal Cruelty and How to Report It

There are laws against animal cruelty – all of them containing felony provisions. But it’s hard for a law to be enforced when it’s not being acknowledged or reported. There are canine companions out there who rely on people just like you to protect them from animal abuse. To help, here’s information on the signs […]

Is Fish Good Food for Dogs?

Is Fish Good for Dogs?

Many dog owners swear by feeding their dogs fish, but should you? Here in Oahu and Maui, we definitely don’t have a shortage of fish, but is it worth adding fish to your dog’s diet? We have some answers to your questions below: History of Dog Food While dogs today mainly stick to kibble, before […]

The Dangers of Jellyfish to Dogs

The Dangers of Jellyfish to Dogs

Picture it: A sunny and beautiful day out on the beach with your dog. Everything seems perfect, and then as your pup is wading in the water, they let out a cry. You discover they’ve been stung by a jellyfish – but what do you do? And how concerned should you be? The Jellyfish in […]

The Best Way to Dry a Dog

The Best Way to Dry a Dog

Between the frequent rain showers, hikes to the secret pools and swimming in the ocean, keeping your dog dry on Oahu or Maui can be pretty difficult. Although the sweet smell of a wet dog is the perfect cologne for their counterpart Canines it’s not always a welcoming odor for many.  The best way to […]

Tips to Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Tips to Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Summer days in Hawaii can get hot, and that means your dog may become dehydrated much quicker than usual. Drinking water is the best way to combat dehydration. However, we can’t force our dogs to drink more, especially if they don’t feel physically thirsty. By following these tips, you can sneak more water into your […]

Tips for Driving with Dogs

Tips for Driving with Dogs

A lot of people here in Hawaii enjoy having their pup in the vehicle, especially in the back of their trucks. To ensure Pono’s safety, we’ve gathered some tips to make driving secure and comfortable, giving you piece of mind when you’re on the road. Train your Dog Early As it is with most learned […]

Keeping Your Dog’s Joints Healthy

Keeping Your Dog’s Joints Healthy

You don’t ever want to imagine your dog is in pain. In fact, you try to make their live’s as comfortable as possible. But as they get older their bodies slowly start to deteriorate, especially in their joints. Some of the causes of these issues can be prevented and even slowed down. In a lot of […]

Choosing a shampoo for your Dog

Choosing a Shampoo for Your Dog

You tend to share just about your whole house with your beloved pup, from the couch to the kitchen your four-legged friend calls your place home. But that doesn’t mean you should share everything with your dog, most importantly your shampoo. The shampoos we use to have silky, soft, and detangled locks are actually toxic […]

Fourth of July dog safety tips.

Fourth of July Dog Safety Tips

July Fourth is one of our favorite days of the year. What better way to celebrate the birth of our nation than with barbeques, family time, and of course, fireworks! But while we enjoy the bright bursts and loud booms of firework shows, our dogs may cower in terror or attempt to flee the loud […]

Dog saltwater side effects.

The Side Effects of Dogs Drinking Saltwater

When you live near a beach or ocean, we tend to take our dogs with us for a beach day pretty regularly. Playing on the beach can be a fun and different way to get our dog exercising and playing. However, our dogs are at risk for drinking saltwater at the beach, which can be […]

Spring health tips for dogs.

Spring Health Tips

Spring is here and while that can mean fun adventures, it can also mean health issues for you and your dog. While we love to watch our dogs have a great time, there are also a lot of issues that can come up. You need to be prepared for the health problems that may pop […]


Paw Care

Taking care of our dogs is extremely important and something we all take time to do. But one thing we may forget about when we’re grooming and doing our routine with our dogs is their paws! Just like our feet need caring, dogs and their paws need to be pampered and attended to. It is […]

regular check ups for dogs

Importance of Regular Check-ups

Sometimes with our busy schedules and lifestyles, it is easy for us to lose track of time and miss our dogs annual visit to the doctor’s office. Since dogs age more quickly than us, this can sometimes present the stage for “early” onsets of illness. Disease can seem to just pop up quickly. It is […]

natural flea tick prevention

Natural Flea & Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks are a major worry for dog owners everywhere. Many don’t like the thought of using chemical treatments because of how harsh and toxic they can be. But are there other ways to treat these pests without using they products. If your dog has a less severe infection, you can try some of […]

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