Fun Dog Stuff

How to Have More Fun with Your Dog

How to Have More Fun with Your Dog

Sometimes thinking of fun new things to do with your canine companion can be hard. So, to keep your furry friend sharp and stimulated, here are some fun ideas that you can bond over with your pup. Explore a New Walking Route Exploring new trails and routes with your furry friend is excellent for stimulating […]

Fun Dog Toys

Toys that Keep Your Dog Happy

Playtime is an everyday event for our dogs. While all dogs love playtime, every dog is different. Depending on their breed and health conditions, the level of of excitement and endurance always varies. Part of our role as our dog’s steward is to find out “what cranks their scooter.” Is it tug of war, is […]

Communicating with your dog.

The Ways Your Dog Tries to Communicate with You

We’d like to think we can understand our dogs. But sometimes it can be hard to actually grasp our dog’s body language. While we obviously wish we could get our dogs to talk to us and tell us what they want, we can actually learn more through their body language. Our dog tries to communicate […]

Stand Up Paddle Boarding with your Dog.

Tips for Taking Your Dog on a SUP or Kayak

Finding new things to do with our dogs can be tough. We want to come up with unique, fun ways to be active and entertain our dogs! Maybe you’ve started to get bored of the regular walk or trip to the dog park. One way to get creative with an activity is taking your dog […]

dog park maui

Check Out these Dog Parks in Maui

Have you been looking for new places to take your dog on an adventure? Well we’ve got some for you! Dog parks are a great place to take your dog for some outdoor fun and interaction with other dogs. Here are some awesome dog parks around Maui that you can bring your dog to for […]

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