Dog Tips

Tips for Transporting or Traveling with a Puppy

Tips for Transporting or Traveling with a Puppy

Being the well-behaved pup that they are, especially if they’ve gone through Sit Means Sit obedience training, Pono may often be invited to family gatherings, taken out to dog-friendly events, or brought along on “staycation.” When transporting your canine companion anywhere always ensure they are safe and comfortable the whole way there. Things to Remember […]

Dog Cleaning & Grooming Tips

Grooming your dog is one of the many responsibilities we take on when we become pet parents. And proper grooming can be anything from brushing hair to brushing teeth. Read on to find out how you can keep your pup’s hygiene clean and healthy! Fun Pono Bathing Tips Luckily your doggy doesn’t need to be […]

Making your dog walk fun!

Making Your Dog Walk Fun

Getting your dog’s daily exercise in can get repetitive and even boring, for not only you but also Pono. Changing up your usual routine and trying out some new fun ideas could be just what you and your pup need to make your walks better for both of you! Let Lani Pick the Initial Direction Switch […]

Helping your dog stay sharp.

Helping Your Senior Dog Stay Sharp

As your dog gets older, they can experience more issues, health wise and mentally. Just as humans can decline mentally as they get older, so can our four-legged friends. Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) is the name for when dogs and cats start to deteriorate over time and in their elderly years. It can include anything […]

Dogs fear of the vacuum.

Fear of the Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners terrify dogs.  Big or small, dogs generally are afraid of the “scary monster” that is known as “the vacuum.” Often times when they see the vacuum come out, they run away, bark, or hide. Good news: there is hope to fixing this problem! Teaching your dog to be accountable for their attention in the presence […]

Help your dog avoid aggressive dogs

Help Your Dog Avoid Aggressive Dogs

Many of us want our dogs to be social and generally be making new friends when appropriate. It’s one reason why we take our pups to dog parks and set up play dates! Usually when our dog interacts with another pup they have a chance to become friends. But not all dogs are friendly or […]

Importance of walking your dog.

Why Walking Your Dog is Important

There are many reasons why it is important to take your dog on their daily walks. It keeps them fit, induces relaxation, and most important keep them behaviorally in check. But did you know how much it helps you as well? Walking your dog not only has dozens of benefits for your dog, but it […]

Walking Your Dog at night in Hawaii.

Walking Your Dog at Night

With the season changing, the sun is going down earlier and earlier. This also means that your nighttime walks with your dog (or even your afternoon walks), will also be getting darker. Whether you live in town or on the quiet country roads, you still need to be mindful about safety for your dog when […]

How to Leave Your Dog Alone

It is always hard to leave your dog. Whether it’s leaving for work or going to run errands, we always wish we could take our dogs along with us. The fact is, sometimes you just have to leave them by themselves. Of course they’ll miss you, but there are a few things you can do […]

the importance of daily rituals for dogs

Why Daily Rituals Like Walks Are Important

As a dog owner, you’ve been told time and time again that routine is extremely important in your dog’s life. We all know that creating a firm and consistent routine for our pup is necessary. But do we know exactly why? What your dog needs in a routine or how to carefully break a routine without […]

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