The Best Way to Dry a Dog

The Best Way to Dry a Dog

Posted Aug 26, 2019 in Health & Safety

Between the frequent rain showers, hikes to the secret pools and swimming in the ocean, keeping your dog dry on Oahu or Maui can be pretty difficult. Although the sweet smell of a wet dog is the perfect cologne for their counterpart Canines it’s not always a welcoming odor for many.  The best way to keep the dog’s coat healthy and stinky odor minimal is drying by blow drying!

Clean and Pristine

Similar to human hair, dog fur looks much better when it’s groomed rather than a rat’s nest of matted clubs of fur and although those dogs with a short coat airy dry way faster, they too can get stinky under the belly and armpit areas. So, for the medium to long coats is best to blow dry so the hair will end up brushed out, looking straighter and tamer. Without the mats the fur will also stay much cleaner! A wet coat will attract all of the dirt, dust, and can create mess that you’ll end up regretting not taking the time to attend to right after the swim. Blow drying their coat will also prevent the musty and moldy smell that most coats harbor when wet.

How to Blow Dry a Dog

Blow drying is great in theory, but you may be wondering how you will actually go about blow drying your dog. We recommend towel-drying your dog first to get some of the excess moisture off of them. This also means less time blow drying. When you’re toweling your pup off, rub them slowly with the towel, if we make it to playful and rub vigorously, this will more often times create and instant game of tug of war and end up creating mats and tangles. Next, turn the hair dryer on a warm, low-speed setting to start leaving it a distance away for the dog at first and continue towel drying so they get used to the sound as they settle in being the process. It helps to comb your fingers through your dog’s coat while drying to avoid mats and other skin problems. Then begin integrating the blow dryer to the dog on its chest are where it’s in full vision and of the dog so it’s not a surprise and then continue as the dog relaxes into the process

Choosing a Dog Blow Dryer

You can always use your regular hair dryer to blow dry your dog’s coat, but there are also some professional options that groomers prefer, such as cage dryers, fluff/stand dryers, and force dryers. Cage dryers are used to dry dogs while they’re in a cage. They have pretty low air settings and should be used at a low heat/cool setting to avoid overheating. These work great for nervous pets. Fluff/stand dryers are pretty similar to our hair dryers that we know and love, but they have a stand for you to direct the air. They’re perfect for a fine-tuned dry! Lastly, force dryers are pretty powerful blow dryers that blast water off your dog’s coat. Your dog will be dry in a matter of minutes.

Blow drying your dog may seem like a ridiculous and difficult task, but with the right background knowledge and tools, your dog will be dry and clean in no time. Step up your drying game and start blow drying!

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