Tips to Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Tips to Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Summer days in Hawaii can get hot, and that means your dog may become dehydrated much quicker than usual. Drinking water is the best way to combat dehydration. However, we can’t force our dogs to drink more, especially if they don’t feel physically thirsty. By following these tips, you can sneak more water into your […]

Dog Cleaning & Grooming Tips

Grooming your dog is one of the many responsibilities we take on when we become pet parents. And proper grooming can be anything from brushing hair to brushing teeth. Read on to find out how you can keep your pup’s hygiene clean and healthy! Fun Pono Bathing Tips Luckily your doggy doesn’t need to be […]

How to Have More Fun with Your Dog

How to Have More Fun with Your Dog

Sometimes thinking of fun new things to do with your canine companion can be hard. So, to keep your furry friend sharp and stimulated, here are some fun ideas that you can bond over with your pup. Explore a New Walking Route Exploring new trails and routes with your furry friend is excellent for stimulating […]

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