the importance of daily rituals for dogs

Why Daily Rituals Like Walks Are Important

As a dog owner, you’ve been told time and time again that routine is extremely important in your dog’s life. We all know that creating a firm and consistent routine for our pup is necessary. But do we know exactly why? What your dog needs in a routine or how to carefully break a routine without […]

regular check ups for dogs

Importance of Regular Check-ups

Sometimes with our busy schedules and lifestyles, it is easy for us to lose track of time and miss our dogs annual visit to the doctor’s office. Since dogs age more quickly than us, this can sometimes present the stage for “early” onsets of illness. Disease can seem to just pop up quickly. It is […]

natural flea tick prevention

Natural Flea & Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks are a major worry for dog owners everywhere. Many don’t like the thought of using chemical treatments because of how harsh and toxic they can be. But are there other ways to treat these pests without using they products. If your dog has a less severe infection, you can try some of […]

should i clean dogs teeth

Should I Clean My Dogs Teeth?

Unless our dog is having an especially bad breath day, we don’t think about brushing our dog’s teeth everyday. Dogs are less prone to cavities, but they still can develop problems like plaque buildup and gingivitis. It’s still very important to think about your furry friend’s dental health because it can lead to other problems, […]

dog park maui

Check Out these Dog Parks in Maui

Have you been looking for new places to take your dog on an adventure? Well we’ve got some for you! Dog parks are a great place to take your dog for some outdoor fun and interaction with other dogs. Here are some awesome dog parks around Maui that you can bring your dog to for […]

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